Businesses create over one-third of all the waste going to landfills



Calgary Alberta, Waste and Recycling Bylaw

Calgary City Council has approved changes to the Waste and Recycling Bylaw requiring all businesses and organizations in Calgary to recycle a specific list of materials starting November 1, 2016. The one-year lead time before the bylaw changes are enforced will give busineses and organizations time to prepare and adapt.
Under the changes, your business or organization must provide adequate storage and containers for a specific list of recyclable materials. That list includes all of the items now accepted in the single-family residential recycling program plus materials specific to the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector such as scrap metal, clear plastic film (polyethylene) and wood. The complete list of materials is available on the City of Calgary website. The bylaw includes fines for businesses and organizations that do not comply.
Business and organizations owners/manager and/or building owners/property managers should contact Ecoteriors for a quote of services offered to meet these bylaw requirements.
Other Calgary Bylaw changes are coming that will affect businesses and organizations. Effective February 1, 2016, commercial vehicle loads of garbage containing paper and cardboard will be subject to higher disposal fees at City landfills. The City will ban paper and cardboard from City landfills by mid-2018. These actions are intended to enourage more recycling of these materials.
Calgary City Council approved the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Organics Diversion Strategy, which will include bylaw changes requiring businesses and organizations to separate their food and yard waste so they can be diverted or composted instead of buried in a landfill. Bylaw changes relating to food and yard waste will be brought to Council in the fall of 2016.
Calgary businesses and organizations create over one-third of all the waste going to our landfills, of which nearly 90 per cent could be reused, recycled or composted. Council is making these changes to the way hospitals, schools, offices, malls, restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, factories, warehouses and other businesses and non-profit organizations handle waste to keep useful materials out of landfills.
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